Choose Love

Choose Love // Katrina Berlin Design

It is simple. Choose love¬†over fear.¬†Always choose love and you can’t go wrong.

Ghost of me

Ghost of Me // Katrina Berlin Design

Ok, back to my favorite design work. Geometric over organic. I love the dichotomy. This is actually a photo of wet paint from my latest painting. I love this pattern and have used it before, but it is just sooooo good here. And I love these more muted colors. I also tried something new by trapping the organic painting inside the hexagon. I like it without too. Which one do you like better?

Ghost of Me // Katrina Berlin Design

Forgotten Dreams

Forgotten Dreams // Katrina Berlin Design

This is a new painting using a new technique that I’ve been wanting to try. It is watercolors and acrylic paints that are poured on the canvas. It takes many days to complete a painting, but the process is fun and surprising. I really have no idea what is going to happen as the paint dries and spreads around, nor how the final painting will turn out. But, I have been pleasantly surprised and enjoy this revealing process. This one is quite colorful, but includes my usual combination of turquoise and purple with the addition of the bright green. These are all the colors in my home, so it matches nicely, but are also my favorite colors. I have been wanting to go more subtle with the colors, but haven’t quite gotten there yet. I just finished another painting that started subtle, but went a little beyond as well. And that is all good. Next I really want to try this on wood as I think the beauty of the wood grain showing through would be amazing. I have painted on wood before and it is fun and adds some organic warmth.

Forgotten Dreams // Katrina Berlin Design

Spirit Chemicals

Spirit Chemicals // Katrina Berlin Design

A new geometric painting with orange! I am adding some warm colors to my repetoire and it feels warm, sexy and fun! This is also a little halloweeny, getting into the fall mood.

Here is the painting in a mirror repeat. Which one do you like better?



1994 // Katrina Berlin Design

I have been doing more painting lately, I just feel like it. I am working through my different desires to paint something geometric, flowing, imperfect. I want to paint something perfect, but it comes out with flaws and that is all right. I am also trying to use different colors, but can’t seem to get away from the violet. Love me some purple!!! It seriously goes with everything ;-D.