Verity’s 1980s Princess Palace

Verity's 1980s Princess Palace // Katrina Berlin Design 2014

Since we just moved out of our home, I thought I would share pictures of all the rooms and decorating I did there.  Maddox and Verity are only 4 and 6 right now, so their memories of this home and these rooms will be dim – so this is for them too. I can’t wait to decorate my kids rooms in the new home, but really love the rooms they had. I hope this provides some inspiration and ideas for your kid’s rooms!

My inspiration for Verity’s room came form multiple sources – my favorite decade – the 80s, modern design, pink and of course for a little girl, a splash of princess palace and butterflies. I have been hung up on the triangles trend for a while, so decided to paint some triangles on the walls. I knew I would use a lot of color in here and the room was grey to begin with – so added the white stripes to the grey to provide a neutral backdrop for the pops of color. This was a big job to tape off the stripes and triangles, so probably won’t take this on again anytime soon, but I love how it turned out!

Verity's Princess Palace // Katrina Berlin Design 2014

Verity's Princess Palace // Katrina Berlin Design 2014



Verity's Princess Palace // Katrina Berlin Design 2014


Verity's Princess Palace // Katrina Berlin Design 2014

Verity's Princess Palace // Katrina Berlin Design 2014


Verity's 1980s Princess Palace // Katrina Berlin Design 2014


White Metal DayBed // Walmart (no longer available, but they have other similar ones. West Elm has a more expensive version).

Modo Maple and White Dresser // Room and Board

Aqua Magic Flying Carpet Rug // Land of Nod

Bookshelves // Custom made by my awesome hubby, Rudy (Design inspired by the Oeuf Mini Library Bookcase)

Crinkle Puff quilt,  and Ikat dot sheets // Pottery Barn Teen

Pillows on bed // Some designed by moi – get them in my Society6 store, some from PBteen and Target

White Canopy // Ikea

Aqua Lamps // Home Goods in Austin

Brass and Gold butterflies // Thrift store finds from local store Room Service Vintage in Austin (some are brass, others are spray painted gold). I think I bought them out of butterflies a few times!

Butterfly Mirror // Home Goods store in Austin

Pink Mirror // Ikea find spray painted pink

Abstract Painting // Custom painted for moi by my BFF, Marcy Goss Garcea in 1988!!

Verity Poster // Designed by moi printed on poster paper, framed in a Ikea Ribba frame

Chandelier // Thrift find spray painted pink. The crystals are from etsy.


What do you think?? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Stone, Brick, Cabinets, Flooring…

We moved out of our current home this weekend, so one leg of our journey to our new home is complete. We are living in an adorable cottage in the woods about 5 mins from our new house that I found on It is beautiful and peaceful – which is awesome since the last few weeks have been TOTALLY CRAZY!!!! I decided to start a diet and cleanse program last week coinciding with our move, that was not a good idea!!! It went ok, fortunately — I’ve lost a few pounds and we are settled for the next couple months. So, that’s my excuse for being behind on posting pics, but this should bring us up to date! Here are some pics of the progress as well as some pics of some of our interior choices. The fun part is finally here!!!!

The greige brick is not as grey as I was hoping, but it is VERY grey compared to all the other houses on the street, so we are happy. I love the contrast between the dark brick and the white stone. There is still some painting left to do – all wood will be painted grey — charcoal grey on the garage and dormer and a lighter grey on the trim.



The outdoor lights and front door are in!


I love our new front door, it is awesome. I am not in love with the windows. They need to be replaced since those fake mullions are all crooked. Speaking of mistakes, there are lots of little ones happening all over the place. Most of them have been fixed or will be fixed, so that is good news. Our builder loves that we go through the house every day and point out everything that is wrong! But, I have saved some money and headaches by pointing out some of the mistakes before they are installed.  🙂


The tile being installed in my office above, and the foyer below. It is a charcoal grey porcelain tile with a little metallic sheen.



Here is a close up of the foyer tile and our wood floors (those have not been installed yet). The wood is a 5 inch Hickory plank with a little whitewash to it. It will warm up all the grey! It also adds a little rustic element to the home. I love modern, but I also like an eclectic look. This house is nowhere near a really modern home, so I have been picking what I love knowing that it will all work together because I love it!


The kitchen is taking shape. We did two tone cabinets – white and grey. We also removed the upper cabinets from the window wall to give a more modern look. We will add some wood floating shelves to the right of the window. Our countertops should be installed this week, wheeee!!!!



I need to pick some hardware and lighting for the kitchen. The flat front cabinets are hard to open, so will need some pulls or knobs. I am thinking of doing those two tone – brass and chrome. It sounds crazy, but I love to mix materials and I love the new brass trend. But, I am not willing to do all brass, so think I will do brass on the grey and chrome on the white. I really need to find two awesome pendants to go over the island, the basic builder ones are installed and they are really ugly. But, I knew I wanted something special so just took the included lights knowing I would replace them asap.


This is the guest bath – we did a matte white subway tile with grey grout and a green glass tile accent. The glass tile is installed correctly so the color is totally off. Hopefully that will get fixed soon…


The floor is another porcelain tile resembling a vein cut stone. Below are some close ups of the choices – I ended up going with a black countertop in here rather than the white because I used this countertop in the master bath and the kids bath. It is a new product that is made of marble, but it looks a lot like silestone. This is the “carrera marble” color.


We should have pics of the rest of the bathrooms and countertops soon! The tentative completion date is now scheduled for the end of October, maybe the week prior. We are crossing our fingers it gets done early!


We have made a lot of progress over the last few weeks! Framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall, exterior stone and brick have all been completed. The trim has started this week and next up is paint and cabinets! The best parts are now starting and I will have way more exciting pictures for you. For now, here is the progress we have made.


The kids loved hiding in the fireplace and pretending the kitchen island below was their “jail”.



This is Rudy, Maddox and Verity standing in Maddox’s room in front of the closet.


A few shots of the Great room windows as progress is made.



Standing in the great room looking towards the kitchen.


A view of the great room with the tall corner fireplace. We raised the ceiling in the great room to 12 feet. The entire fireplace wall will be covered in tile – can’t wait to see the dramatic impact that will make!


This is looking into the dining room – it also has a raised ceiling. The kitchen, dining room and great room are all one big space, but the ceiling heights and columns help to separate the spaces. On the back wall facing the back yard will be a built in desk with cabinets.



The exterior white limestone going up! The front of the house is a greige brick and white limestone.



Looking at the back of the house – since it is a one story home, it really doesn’t look very big. There is a large covered patio off the great room. Rudy is standing pretty much where the new pool will be!


This is the view from the back corner of the yard – the side and back yard has lots of room to run and play!


Here I am standing at the back fence in the shade. This should be a good spot for some chairs or the kids playscape.

Foundation and Walls

Great Room Windows // Katrina Berlin Design

We have made some major progress – from dirt to walls in a matter of weeks! Every step is so exciting, we have been going to the house each evening and evaluating the progress. We love that we can now walk through the house and feel the space. The kids know exactly where their rooms are and love “walking through walls” right now.

Sand Hills Lane Construction Week 1 // Katrina Berlin Design

First step – pouring the foundation.

We have walls! Rudy and the kids are sitting in Verity’s new bedroom window.

Great Room Windows // Katrina Berlin Design
These are the windows in our great room looking onto the future pool and back yard.

Front hall // Great Room Windows // Katrina Berlin Design
Looking from the kitchen toward the foyer and front door.

Dining room // Katrina Berlin Design
This is the dining room – it has a cove ceiling and although completely open to the great room and kitchen, it has columns, windows and the ceiling that define the space.

Patio // Katrina Berlin Design
The covered patio looking into the back, left corner of the yard.

Back yard // Katrina Berlin Design
This is a different perspective – I am standing in the right corner of our back yard looking back at the house. Lots of room for running and playing back here for our kids!

Front // Katrina Berlin Design
Here are Mad and V posing in the front yard. It is covered in supplies, wood, dirt and lots of other flotsam, but eventually will be lushly landscaped.

Framing // Katrina Berlin Design
Here is where we are as of yesterday! The rooflines are so tall – the front will be covered in awesome grey brick in a chevron pattern and beautiful white limestone, can’t wait to see that! It is thoroughly enjoyable watching this take shape and finally feeling like we are making some progress, yay!! Oh, and if I forgot to mention it – the forecasted completion date is end of October. I hope we are in before Halloween and Verity’s (and my) birthdays!

Construction begins!!!

Maddox and Verity //\\ Katrina Berlin Design

Dun, da da da!!!! With a big flourish, a ribbon-cutting, ground-breaking ceremony and much anticipation, construction on our new home has begun!!! Ok, there wasn’t a ceremony, or really anything that exciting for real, but work HAS started. Here is a pic! My hubby, Rudy, has decided to drive by every day and take one pic. I think making them into an animated gif would be so cool, we’ll see if it really happens… As a side note, what a beautiful day!!

Sand Hills Lane Construction Week 1 // Katrina Berlin Design

Since it isn’t that exciting, I am going to share our exterior design with you, WHAAAAAAT???? I know, you are just jumpin’ for joy. We picked our new home based solely on the floor plan. So, the exterior of the house is what it is. I sound really excited, right? Well, it is kind of funny actually. We were a little confused about which exterior design to pick. We initially liked elevation C because of the stone and steep peaks, but it had this french country look to it. Then, we decided on elevation A because it was stucco and stone, which I really wanted. However, there were a few things about it I didn’t like. So, I took the elevation into photoshop and went to town… I changed the front porch to have this awesome wood truss and added some metal roofing over the windows. Sent it off to the builder to get priced. The stucco elevation was the most expensive, which in the end wasn’t worth it to me. And, they said they would not do the wood truss. It looked awesome, but wasn’t their design style. Ho hum. Ok, then. In the end we decided Elevation B was the one with some minor modifications that would not cost us anything. There is nothing I like better than changes that are FREE! So, here is a drawing of elevation B in its original state and then the updated drawing. I didn’t want any rounded windows, arches, or clipped gables. GONE!

Sand Hills Lane Elevation Drawings // Katrina Berlin Design

Here is the final rendering. What is so funny about this, you ask? Well, it looks a lot like our current home!  Here is a pic of our current home.

Grafton Lane //\\ Katrina Berlin Design


This is obviously a traditional style home – although I am making it as craftsman and clean lined as I can. In the end, it is the inside that counts to me.  We are happy with the final design – the exterior materials will be so awesome and HERE THEY ARE!!! It is shocking I know – we continue with the gray and white theme. The home will have this greige/gray brick, white stone and the trim and garage will be painted in two shades of gray. LOVE IT!!! I hope you do too – do you?

Sand Hills Lane Exterior choices // Katrina Berlin Design

A Lot of Logos

Your Reluctant Goddess Logog // Designed by Katrina Berlin Design // 2014

I have been designing a lot of logos and I like it. Here are a few of the logos I have designed in the last year or so. I have a lot more logo concepts,these are only the final logos. I seem to have a never-ending list of friends, family, acquaintances, and now clients who need a fresh logo. It turns out I really, really enjoy designing logos. It is fun, creative, and a relatively quick project that makes people happy, gives them a professional brand for their business and is, in my opinion, well worth the time and money.  For most of these projects I have a also designed business cards – that is another roundup I need to do. A smaller subset also have websites I designed and built in WordPress. This is something I know how to do, but don’t have much time for these days. Lastly, a few have a tagline. I collaborated with some of those clients to create the tag line.

After looking at them all together I see some common threads in my design style, which I am happy about, but was not sure if I had.  Here they are:

1. I like color, and I use a lot of it. Even if I proposed concepts with pale or light colors, people gravitate towards the bolder or brighter colors. I can’t imagine myself designing a logo in only one color, but hey, there is a first time for everything.

2. I use pattern – this is also a no brainer, I love to design patterns! For some of these projects I have also designed a companion pattern for their website or for fabric or products.

3. I like ombre, cut outs, geometric designs and transparency. For Dr. Zygmont’s logo, I actually did a watercolor painting and scanned it in for the tree. This is something I have not done much of, but love how it turned out and want to do more of in the future.

4. I love modern or quirky typography! That is one of my favorite steps in the process, looking for and picking out typefaces. Designing a typeface is on my bucket list, but I don’t even know where to begin with that just yet.

I would love to hear your feedback on my design style – also, which one is your favorite? I could not possibly pick my favorite!

Know anyone that needs a logo?  Send me an email or give me a call!


Logos // Katrina Berlin Design // 2014 //

Logos // Katrina Berlin Design // 2014 //