Our scrap of dirt

We are done with design and have our Pre-construction meeting with our builder, E.C., tomorrow! I am hoping they will break ground in a week or so! I wanted to show you our dirt. Our lot is in our current neighborhood, although in a different section. We live in a master planned community, so yes, the houses are all really close together. This is an extra large lot – it is twice as wide at the back fence than most lots because of its pie shape. It is also about twice as deep as most lots. We wanted a larger back yard backing to a greenbelt and we found it!
image (3)


Standing on the sidewalk looking at the back – our lot is on the greenbelt. There will forever be endless trees behind us! There will eventually be a hiking trail – looks like maybe 20 feet behind our fence. I think a gate onto the trail would be rad!

image (4)

We do have a few trees actually in the yard, albeit pretty close to the fence. It is nice and shady here late in the afternoon, perfect for a picnic!

image (1)

Here is a little closer to the fence – there is lots of open space for our new SWIMMING POOL!


Here it is from the road. We can’t WAIT to design the pool and landscaping, we have GRAND plans. Once the pool is done, there will be a pool pergola built, a play house for the kids and of course, a vegetable garden. Whatcha think?



Modern Kitchen Inspiration

I know it’s been a while since I have shared anything about our future home, but we have been getting a lot done, I promise. This has taken a bit longer than we expected, but that’s ok, we want it to be perfect. We finally have the plans from the Architect – we made some tweaks to the floor plan and front elevation. We have our third appointment at the design center this Friday, so the design will be finalized very soon!

I wanted to start sharing all my inspiration and final choices with you. I will start by sharing my inspiration mood board for the kitchen! I created a mood board for the entire house to take to the design center, and then created one just for the Kitchen since it is the one room that is getting a lot of attention and $$money$$, ahem.

Just some background – we are building a “semi-custom” home. Our builder, David Weekley Homes, fortunately has an amazing design center with a LOT of choices. That is great for most people, but I am not like most people. I have specific taste and very modern taste, which is not mainstream. So, even though they have a lot of choices, only a smaller subset are ones I am interested in. So, it has been fun and interesting to take my inspiration and budget and make my dream home happen. I hate to use the word compromise, but we did have to make some compromises along the way and we are not finished yet. But, it is a good thing because it keeps me in check as I may have gone a little crazy with some super trendy tile choices and then I may not be happy with it later. I will dedicate a post to designing a semi-custom home and getting the most out of it later. I am probably generalizing and being judgmental, but I think most people are not that great at designing their own home and just go in there and pick all beige everything. JUST SAY NO TO BEIGE! I really hate beige, and brown as a matter of fact. But, you may not like my taste either so – let’s just agree to disagree! Luckily, the builder assigns you a designer to assist you in making good choices. Luckily for me, there were plenty of choices in other colors – namely, grey and white. The house is going to look AMAZING.

So, as you can see in the mood board, our theme is GREY + WHITE. I did pick some inspirational words to guide our design process as well which I think really can help you to guide the process, so I highly recommend. Here is our word inspiration:

How do we want our home to look?
Not quirky in a “purple and orange checkerboard with faux fur countertops” kind of way, but more like eclectic, with some whimsy, but refined, stylish and “Wow, this house is fabulous and I’ve never quite seen anything like it!”. Ya know, like me. ;-D Modern is a little unrealistic since we live in a traditional style neighborhood, so some choices have been more Craftsmen style and just sticking to clean lines – NO ARCHES PLEASE! But, some people will think it is REALLY modern even though it really isn’t. As a side note, a worker that came into my current home once commented on our mid-century modern credenza and said it reminded him of the “The Jetsons”!!!! I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you very much, even though I think he was saying it was a little cray cray.

How do we want to feel when in our home?
I am probably kidding myself a bit here – I have 2 kids, a full time job and 10 billion side projects going at all times, who has time to clean and be organized? I know we like to veg out A LOT and I want my home to be clean and organized, but must be fun and casual too.

The kitchen is pretty large and open to the Great Room and Dining Room, so it has to be fabulous! We are going with slab cabinets – two tone grey and white. The countertops will be grey and white as well. The island cabinets will be grey with an beautiful white, sparkly countertop. The lower, periphery cabinets will be white with a grey countertop. The upper cabinets will be grey with glass, I think. We will have one set of open shelves too, I think. The counters will be Silestone – not a lick of granite in my house! Sorry, but Granite is looking a little dated to me and silestone has a sleeker and modern aesthetic. I would LOVE to have marble countertops, but that is very impractical and expensive. We will be doing marble elsewhere in the house though… Don’t worry, the house will not be ALL grey and white, the floors we picked warm it up substantially and provide a little rustic element that I didn’t think I wanted, but we ended up loving the texture and color. And, my favorite color, turquoise, will be making a permanent appearance in the kitchen on the backsplash, wheeeeee!!!

Without further adieu, here is the inspiration for our kitchen!


I would love to hear your thoughts!!! Please share in the comments below.
Check out My Kitchen Pinterest Page for more inspiration and some sources for this eye candy.

Love, K